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Because in hectic modern times,
We find inspiration in
What is peaceful and lasting,
And preserves our attention
To everyday beauty and wonder.


Because the tools we use each day
To accomplish what really matters
Should be made to last for years
And cultivate this renewed attention.



We are artisans.
We dream up tools that inspire
And we make them come true
From our atelier in southern France.


We put our heart and soul into them
Along with considered details.
With all our care, we craft them to last
Using only the finest natural materials.



We are guided by nature’s raw beauty
And its perfection in adding no more than necessary

We embrace honesty and empathy with
Colleagues, clients and society at large

We look for serendipities
In the challenges that come about


Orée ?

Orée   /o-rey/    (French noun)
1.   outskirt of a forest
2.   a critical point beyond which novelty occurs