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Board Romance Edition

Lifetime Warranty included

Free Shipping on orders above $185

30 day Return on non-customized item

A touch of romance

Expression of love abound.

From engraved lovers’ initials in wood,

To poems that inspire through ages.

We took our Board Essential,

And revisited those romantic traditions.

By hand, we will paint in deep carmine red lacquer

The initials of your special someone and yourself.

We will also engrave on the back of the Board,

A love inspired poem of your choosing

 To materialize your special bond with discreet beauty.

This is Board Romance Edition.

Romance is in the air

Starting from our Board Essential, we lacquer two keys in deep carmine red and engrave a love inspired poem on the back of the keyboard.

Made to last

The Board Romance Edition is built to endure. So the patina of use will fully reveal its timeless beauty.  We apply an invisible food-safe varnish that stringently protects the wood against casual stains. We design our electronics carefully for lasting performance.

Unique. By design and construction

We cut each Board from a single piece of wood. Preserving the wood grain across the shell and keys. So each Board is unique and reflects the native tree it came from.With its own wild veins and spirals.

Each piece is sanded, varnished and assembled by hand in our atelier. So you can feel an incomparable caring touch.

Essentially perfect.

The Board Essential just works. With any computer, tablet or smartphone. On any operating system. On USB cable or wireless Bluetooth.  On batteries that just recharge when needed.

The Board Essential is simply the most universal keyboard out there.

Lifetime Warranty included

Free Shipping on orders above $185

30 day Return on non-customized item