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Macbook Keyboard Covers

A touch of inspiration

We took our now iconic distinctive keyboard touch.

And engineered it to make it available on your Macbook.

We kept the same premium natural materials,

The same sanding by hand for unmatched softness,

The same matte varnish for durable protection.

So you can now enjoy unique tactile connection,

Anytime, anywhere on your laptop

And feel inspired everyday

To achieve what really matters.

Elevate your typing experience

Bring the Orée touch to your MacBook keyboard with real genuine leather or premium wood! Upgrade your everyday typing experience and please those fingertips with soft, vegetable tanned leather. You can expect the same premium natural materials used in all Orée creations with the artisan craftsmanship you love.

Easy to apply and remove

It’s a simple two step application. We use 3M Pressure Sensitive Adhesive which is extremely strong and durable. If you ever want to remove the keyboard covers, absolutely no residue is leftover.

Not just another Apple

Stand out even more from the crowd with your own personalised space bar! Engrave your identity directly onto your space bar, whether it’s your name or inspiring quote, and add a touch of personality to your carbon copy thinking machine.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I take care of my keyboard covers?

Our keyboard covers have an invisible (matte) food-safe varnish that protects against casual stains like finger oil or water spills. To clean it, use a clean cloth slightly humidified with clear water. Do not use any detergent product for cleaning.

How do I apply the keyboard covers?

Our natural keyboard covers are easy to install thanks to simple two-step application process using an ingenious placement grid system that positions all keys in one go.

How thick are the keyboard covers?

The Orée natural keyboard covers are crafted from a single piece of premium solid wood or genuine leather sheet with continuous grain across the keys. They offer minimal added thickness (+1.5mm) on top of existing keys so they don’t interfere with the Macbook design.

How strong is the adhesive? If I remove the cover is any residue leftover?

The pressure sensitive adhesive used is strong, durable and yet leaves no residue on keys if ever removed.