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How to convert MKV to MP4

Using of our free online MKV to MP4 converter OREE.co is easy. Just see it for yourself. Excellent news: you can convert your initial file and also cut a part of it and save in MP4 format! Let`s get started.

Step 1

Prepare an MKV file to be converted to MP4. Select the prepared file for downloading to the converter by clicking the “choose MKV file” button. Also note the words below about a nice possibility to convert a whole file or to cut its part. It can become a helpful option for you.

How to convert MKV to MP4

After clicking the button, you should select an MKV file from your computer. The file is downloaded and prepared for processing.

Step 2

Your file is ready for processing. And this step may be the last in this service, if you want to convert the entire source file. Then just click the “convert full mkv” button in the bottom right corner.

So, you start the conversion process. Be careful! During the conversion, you cannot close the browser page, so as not to lose the result of conversion.

2 minutes pass and everything is ready. Download your file, but in MP4 format.

Enjoy the result! However, it is only part of the story!

Step 3

This step is required for those ones, who want to cut a piece from the source file. To do this, in Step 1, after downloading the source file, select the desired piece using special markers that move along the entire markup of your source file. So, move the markers, highlighting the desired piece.

You can also listen to it/watch it by clicking the “play” icon. Once you have decided on a part to be cut, click the “convert part of the mkv” button in the lower right corner. The conversion process starts. Do not close the browser. Wait for the result.

Less than 1 minute, and everything is ready! Download a part of your source file in MP4 format. Enjoy!

Advantages of our MKV to MP4 converter OREE

We just want to emphasize benefits for you:

  • simplicity and speed of function,
  • it is online: no need to install it on your PC;
  • it is free;
  • user-friendly interface;
  • here you will find many of the most popular conversion options;
  • all files with duration (wav, mow, mp4, m4a, mp3, mkv) can be cut and then converted to the desired format.

Some useful data about MKV and MP4 formats

MKV is an open container-based format for audio and video data created by Russian developers. The name of the format originates from the name of the project “Matryoshka” with the addition of the first letter of the word “Video”. This format is considered an alternative to the much more popular AVI, but has not yet reached such a scale of distribution. MKV files are quite common among the owners of old mobile devices with Symbian OS and at the same time among those who prefer to watch videos in Full HD, because MKV has a good dynamics of video/audio streams. MKV has a wide range of features, in particular, storing audio tracks in different languages, it is easy to edit, and there are no freezes in large files.

MP4 is an abbreviation for MPEG-4 format. It can also be called MPEG-4 AVC. In this case, the abbreviation AVC (Advanced Video Coding) is advanced video encoding. The format is required to work with video files. The format was first suggested in 1998. MP4 is a container-based format that allows combining audio, video, subtitles and pictures in a single file. It is also suitable to host extended content. For example, three-dimensional graphics, menus and interactive features. There are many portable devices that play MP4. Due to the fact that speed of various types of connections to the global network become higher, MP4 has become more accessible. The format compresses files and remains high-quality.

Please, look for more details here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Matroska

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