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Pebble guide

Getting started with your Pebble

Plug the Pebble to the micro USB cable and power adapter provided. When the phone is charging, the green light underneath the Pebble will blink in green.

If using an iPhone, insert your iPhone into the provided shell case by fitting the bottom part of the phone into the case first.

Place your iPhone into shell or Qi enabled phone on top of the Pebble surface to start charging wirelessly. When the phone is charging, the green light underneath the Pebble will blink in green.

If your Pebble includes the audio system, pair via Bluetooth as shown in the following video.


A few secrets about your Pebble

For best comfort and sensitivity, use the region of your fingerprints instead of tips (or nails) to touch surface. Just like when you type!
Lay your palm on the lower edge of the slab but avoid resting fingers across the surface while in use.  for 2 – 3 seconds,
Don’t worry, it will soon feel very natural!

Go in and out of numerical keypad mode using the same gesture: swipe one finger from lower edge to the center of the slab.



How do I take care of my slab?

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How long does the battery last?

When fully charged, the battery will last for 4 to 5 months on continuous Bluetooth use (8 hours / day)

When do I need to recharge?

When battery is low, the battery LED will start blinking in red to indicate the need to recharge.

Can I connect in USB and Bluetooth simultaneously?

No it is not possible. The Bluetooth function will automatically shut off when you connect via USB